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Petite LaFleur

Salted Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Candy

Salted Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Candy

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Salted Chocolate Honeycomb is a delicious aerated, caramelized honey toffee. It is made with wildflower honey from beekeepers in the East Bay. This honeycomb has a great crunch and has an easier bite than nut brittle. After the candy hardens, it is dipped in hand tempered, 72% Guittard chocolate and topped with Maldon Sea salt.
5 oz. bag.

Ingredients: Local East Bay Honey, Cane sugar, baking soda, 72% Guittard chocolate, Maldon Sea salt.

Allergens: May contain traces of MILK.

*Gluten friendly. This product is made in a shared commercial kitchen that uses dairy, wheat, nuts, sesame and coconut ingredients.
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